When Is The Best Time To Exercise For Weight Loss

?” For a lot of individuals, the answer may be “all day long.”

However, it can make sense to focus on certain times of the day for exercise. If you have a job that keeps you sedentary for much of your working hours – say from eight in the morning until five at night – then exercising during those times may be preferable to exercising outside those hours when you are not required to work. In this instance, setting aside part of each hour as an “exercise time” is probably more beneficial than trying to squeeze exercise into other parts of your day or doing no exercise at all.

But if there is a long gap between lunch and dinner (for example), then going out for a walk before eating might be better than eating first and going back at least two or three hours later after being inactive all afternoon. Again though, this depends on what kind of schedule you have and how much activity you do during those same periods throughout the rest of your days. In any case, getting up every now and again just as it comes close to bedtime will give your body enough time to recover from its previous efforts so that it does not need too much extra recovery time once sleep has arrived!