When Is The Best Time To Evolve Pikachu

? when is the best time to evolve pikachu?

In my own experience, I find that you can use a lot of different strategies for evolving Pikachu. In general, the higher level your Pikachu is at the moment it evolves into Raichu, the better chance you have of getting a good stat distribution in his final evolution. So if you have a high leveled Pika right now and don’t want him to evolve until he gets very far along in his training career, don’t evolve him yet! Use this time to train your Pikachu up more so he’s strong enough that when Raichu does finally show up on stage 20+, there won’t be much left standing against him!

In all honesty though?? If you’re reading this guide because it says “Pikachu”, scroll down past here and buy yourself some chocolate bars or whatever else floats your boat 😀