When Is The Best Time To Eat Coconut Oil

According to the USDA, “The fat in coconut oil comes from medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs), which are harder for your body to digest than long-chain fatty acids. These MCFAs enter the liver and are transformed into energy.” The process is not completely understood, but it appears that these fats pass through an enzyme called AMPK, which increases cellular energy levels. This means that you could experience increased metabolic rate when using coconut oil as fuel because of this increased level of cellular energy.[11]One thing I do to help myself out with my weight loss journey is by making my own nut butter. This really makes a difference in my life changes! I’ve never been one for cooking with nuts or avocado before now so making your own was pretty daunting but SO much fun! Once you have made some homemade almond butter feel free to share it with me on Instagram @theglowingfoodie!#7 – No Time To CookSoups aren’t always easy to make since they require a bit more hands-on time than other dinner recipes—but once you get the hang of them, they’re actually quite simple. Some soups may take a little longer than others depending on your method (just like real cooking!), but basic stock or broth ingredients can be prepared ahead of time and stored in large containers until ready to use.