When Is The Best Time To Eat Carbs


Carbohydrate consumption varies considerably between individuals, but it can be recommended to have some carbs at around breakfast time. Carbs are usually the first thing people will consume after waking up and this helps with speeding up your metabolism. Carbohydrates also contain vitamins and minerals that are important for our body’s development, so they should always be included in a balanced diet. So if you are not able to include them under your main meal of the day try having them as part of your morning or afternoon snack instead!

Is it true that eating carbohydrates makes me fat?

The only thing that is good about fatty foods is their ability to satiate hunger until we eventually move on to something else such as protein-rich food (such as meat). The fact is fats don’t make us fatter; what makes us fatter is when we eat too much of them at one sitting [24]. Eating small amounts regularly over short periods reduces appetite [25] which means we won’t feel hungry and will not overeat. But remember: there must never be any carbohydrate confusion – the “carbohydrate rule” states clear rules for how many grams of each type you can consume per day.

How does my body process carbohydrates?

When our bodies break down glucose (a simple sugar), it produces an energy molecule called ATP (energy) which then gets used by different parts of our cells (and especially muscles). Glucose metabolism serves