When Is The Best Time To Eat Bananas


Bananas are best eaten when they are still firm on the outside, but soft inside. At this point, their vitamin levels have dropped to near-zero and they have lost some of their nutrients. However, there is a bit more flavor in green bananas than in ripe ones so it’s easy to tell whether or not your banana was ripe by simply smelling it.

What do you need for banana bread? Can’t I just use all ingredients from my pantry?

You can absolutely make banana bread with what you find at home but if you want the BEST Banana Bread Recipe ever… here’s what you’ll need: softened butter (at room temperature), sugar – brown or white depending upon how sweet your bananas are, eggs (preferably fresh), whole wheat flour (not self rising) either white whole wheat flour or spelt flour ground into meal yourself using an electric coffee grinder OR cornmeal if that’s what has been used for baking cornbread before; melted butter as well as non-dairy milk such as soy milk instead of water; pinch of salt – usually less than 1/8 teaspoonful per cup because we’re not trying to extract any moisture from our bananas and don’t want them tasting too lemony; also vanilla extract OR almond extract. This recipe makes one loaf pan 8×4″ which is enough for 12 slices total so it should be sufficient even for those who plan to freeze some loaves. If making mini loaves like