When Is The Best Time To Drink Whey Protein


You may be wondering what the best time of day is to drink whey protein. There are many different opinions on this topic, but there does seem to be some truth that you should consume both your pre- and post-workout supplements around an hour before training. However, remember not to overdo it with timing! Consuming too much protein at one time can cause gastrointestinal discomfort or even delay your weight loss progress. Keep in mind that consuming too little of anything can also have negative outcomes so you want to avoid these pitfalls as well.

How much whey protein do I need per day? How often should I take my Whey Protein Supplement?

A couple years ago, some experts recommended taking 25 grams (about 2 scoops) of whey powder daily for general health benefits; however, they emphasize that more research is needed before recommendations on how much to take are given out freely (1). But if you’re looking for a quick fix (like me), here is what the guidelines would look like:

Combination 1: Pre-Workout Meal + Post Workout Snack *Consume within 30 minutes after each workout*

25 Grams Daily = 3×10 Servings Daily = 15 Servings Per Week**

If You Are Overweight/Obese***

25 Grams Daily = 2×15 Servings Daily= 30 Servings Per Week***

For a regular diet: 35