When Is The Best Time To Drink Protein


Protein shakes are always best consumed right after exercise, but they can also be very effective for meal replacement. If you want to supplement your diet with protein shake, then make sure you drink it immediately following exercise. You definitely do not want to go longer than 30 minutes without ingesting some sort of nutritional product that is rich in protein and essential amino acids. The sooner after activity you consume the shake, the better. However if this is inconvenient for you (due to travel time) or if it’s too early in the day (before breakfast), there are ways around this issue as well. Make sure that before every workout, take a whey protein/amino acid powder and mix in half a glass of milk (or water). This will up-regulate your system and help increase absorption levels when consumed afterwards by removing gastric content from your stomach which would otherwise slow down absorption rates; thus making these products more effective at stimulating muscle growth and recovery!