When Is The Best Time To Drink Coffee


My answer: Any damn time you want. I would never suggest that it is better to drink coffee on an empty stomach, as we have already discussed. However, if you’re going to eat a meal first and then drink some coffee, try making the meal smaller than usual and just cutting out one or two large portions of food (e.g., oatmeal with apples and cinnamon); this will still leave plenty of energy for your morning cup of Joe!

What’s the best way to make my coffee?

My answer: This is really up to you; however, there are certainly some optimal methods for different peopleā€”for example, those who like strong coffees (i.e., darker roasts) may find it more enjoyable if they brew their own rather than buying premade beans from a store; those who enjoy lattes may prefer using espresso machines rather than traditional drip-style percolators; etcetera. The key thing here is that whatever method you choose has to allow your body enough time and be smooth and even in order not to disturb sleep later on in the day when compared with other ways in which caffeine can interact with your system (refer back to Chapter 5). On top of that, remember that doing something completely new every single day about three times per week can keep things interesting!

Does drinking too much caffeine prevent me from getting good sleep at night? What should I do about it? Shouldn’t I stop drinking