When Is The Best Time To Drink Amino Acids


We suggest taking your amino acids at least 30 minutes before bed, but not later than 8 p.m. This is because it may disturb sleep if taken too late in the evening or if you wake up during the night to take them. If you are eating a large meal before bedtime then we suggest waiting until after that meal for your amino acid supplement so as not to interfere with digestion and absorption of food while sleeping.

Can I take my amino acids with other supplements?

Yes! Take your tablets on an empty stomach 1 hour before breakfast or lunch (as noted above), and do not drink any alcohol within 6 hours prior to taking these products. Also, please note that proteolytic enzymes should be taken separately from all other supplements; otherwise they can decrease efficacy of each product’s potency (i.e., digestive enzymes will weaken our product).