When Is The Best Time To Draw Social Security

retirement benefits depends on what year you were born, how old you are, and whether or not you’ve already claimed your retirement benefit. Benefits for those born before 1937 generally must be requested no later than the month in which they reach age 70; however, these people can begin taking their monthly check after turning 62. For those born between 1938-1942, who began collecting benefits at age 66 (two years earlier than for people with a shorter work history), one may begin drawing social security retirement benefits as early as age 60 (or 5 months before reaching 66). Those eligible to receive social security retirement payments prior to becoming disabled have additional options regarding when they may start receiving checks. Here are some of the most common rules:

When does Social Security disability insurance start? The first step toward getting your disability payment is filing an application with SSA. You will need to fill out Form SS-5 and provide evidence that supports why you think that you have become unable due to illness or injury. There are different deadlines depending upon if it is your first claim or if it’s being filed on behalf of someone else—these times might include: If there was another person claiming Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits on your account, then he/she has until 1st day of the second month after birth date