When Is The Best Time To Do Pilates


1. I’ve got a whole lot of time in the morning—can I do it in the evening?

2. Can I combine pilates with my regular exercising routine? Or should I just take out some time when you don’t have other obligations for your exercise program?

3. How many days per week can I commit to doing Pilates exercises? What will be my typical weekly schedule look like if so, and what are these typical workouts like (e.g., how long does each one last)? Are there any particular movements that require special attention or focus (i.e., which ones)? Is there anything else that needs to be considered before starting this workout regimen, such as my current level of fitness, whether or not I feel comfortable using equipment during class, etc.?

Okay…but what is Pilates all about anyway?! If this is something new for you (I know it was for me), here are some FAQs:Q: Why did you write this book at all if my body already knows how to work even without me telling it too! What amazes me most though is why would anyone want any part of Pilates besides maybe a nice massage!!??!?! It seems way too much work and effort!!! A: You might think so after reading through all the questions above but let’s face facts ladies and gents – unless we get up off our lazy asses from time to time we’ll