When Is The Best Time To Do Flexibility Exercises?

To begin, you should perform flexibility exercises right after waking up in the morning. If you are doing the workout at night, don’t do these exercises before bed because your muscles will be too tired to follow through with them. Secondly, stretching is best done immediately after a workout because it allows the muscle to regain its elasticity and strength quickly. This also helps prevent injuries that may occur if there is no stretch between workouts. Lastly, remember that all types of flexibility training require warm-up! While not necessary for some forms of stretching (like static stretching), dynamic stretches can be very dangerous without proper warm-up measures like light jogging or walking around before performing splits or lunges on hard surfaces such as concrete floors or grass fields; this decreases risk of injury even more than warming up beforehand!

What are some good ways I can improve my flexibility?

You have two main options—stretching for relaxation/relaxation or stretching for athletic performance enhancement purposes. Stretching first thing in the morning every day is great way to start each day off feeling refreshed and relaxed while strengthening your body simultaneously by increasing flexibility throughout your entire body at once! Dynamic stretches performed daily over time will increase range of motion so much so that you will find yourself being able to accomplish things differently without thinking about it anymore—a definite plus! So whether you choose full range of motion yoga poses one week then single joint movements on another week, dynamic stretches are definitely worth trying