When Is The Best Time To Do Exercise

and how much is the right amount?

Exercise and activity can promote weight loss and improve health. Getting enough physical exercise may be as important as eating a healthy diet, according to some experts. But it’s not clear if there’s an ideal time to exercise or what kind of activity is most helpful for weight loss. In general, people who are most successful at losing weight do more cardiovascular-training activities such as running and cycling compared with those who gain little or no weight from exercising.

In addition, getting regular physical activity helps control your appetite by giving you energy throughout the day so you eat less during meals . However, two studies published in 2008 suggested that working out too often could slow down your metabolism over time instead of boosting it like regular exercise intended to do.[1][2] This means that even though daily cardio sessions may help boost fat burning through increased calorie expenditure , longer workouts doesn’t necessarily translate into faster fat burn off .[3] A study conducted by researchers from Brigham Young University found that women who exercised five hours per week had less body fat than those who didn’t work out at all.[4] According to research published in January 2013 in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition , higher levels of total testosterone were associated with lower levels of abdominal obesity among men.[5] While this research has been done on men only, further evidence suggests a link between increased total testosterone production and lower rates of belly fat among female athletes.[6][7]