When Is The Best Time To Divide Iris


The best time to dig up irises is after the soil has warmed in early spring. Iris rhizomes are easily damaged during this period, so digging should be done just as quickly as possible if you want your roots to survive. You can also dig up at any point between late winter and mid-spring depending on the weather conditions that season offers for rooting cuttings (see next section).

Step 4: Rooting Cuttings

You now have your rooted iris rhizome, but what do you do with it next? Well, there are several options; I’ll cover all of them here. If you plan on replanting your entire clump (and not dividing it into sections), then skip ahead to Step 5. Otherwise, read onward!

Roots versus Stems/Cuttings Versus Bulbs

It is easy to get confused when talking about growing plants from their root system or stem or bulb systems; they are almost identical in structure yet far different under the surface once you reach certain stages of growth—especially where bulbs are concerned. So let me use an analogy that will hopefully help clarify things a little bit more: think of a tree trunk as being very similar structurally to a plant stem so long as both grow upright out of the ground without any bending or swaying side-to-side at all heights throughout its life span. On top of that basic shape similarity however lies quite