When Is The Best Time To Dig Potatoes


You should dig potatoes as soon as possible after the last frost. For best results, you can plant them in spring or early summer and keep them well watered until they’re ready to be dug up to harvest. If your soil is cold and wet, it’s a good idea to wait longer than normal.

How do I germinate potatoes? How long does it take for the seed pods to form?

If you store ungerminated seed indoors where temperatures are above freezing (32 F) you’ll probably get some sprouts within 4-6 weeks of starting seeds indoors. Store ungerminated potato seed at cool temperature (40F), if temperatures remain low for an extended period of time then allow a few months before sowing again but don’t let the potato seeds sit too long once planted, this may result in poor germination rates next year which could cause a crop failure. The method that works well for most people is by putting the potato seeds on top of moist paper toweling inside a plastic bag set out in bright light with ventilation holes poked through the bag allowing oxygen exchange between air outside and air inside during day times.. On days when not using lights bring them into dark area such as garage or basement until morning hours when they can be moved back outside under sunlight exposing them to full daylight only during sunrise/sunset hours . When evening comes move them back into dimly lit indoor space such as utility room or closet etc.. After about two