When Is The Best Time To Dethatch A Lawn


The best time to dethatch a lawn is when the grass reaches about 4 inches in height.

How do I remove weeds from my lawn?

Weeds are most easily removed by hand, with secateurs or hoes. You can also use mechanical weeders designed for that purpose (see Resources). A good way of keeping them down is to mow over them several times per week so they don’t come back too quickly. For larger weeds, you might need to resort to chemical controls such as herbicides or lime-sulphur sprays (see below) and these should be used carefully on new growth because if they kill off young shoots it will delay the emergence of the next growing season’s leaves and flowers which means more work later! Be sure not to spray just after rain, however; all surface water has now evaporated but any contaminated material still lying on your soil will continue to act as a seed bank waiting for just this sort of opportunity. If you’ve got an area where lots of different types of plants grow together then look at lessening problems by selectively pruning out unwanted vegetation immediately before spraying – this could include removing some trees etc., cutting back bushes/trees grown too close together etc., along with digging up large clumps of broadleaf weeds like nettles and dandelions that are more competitive than others in terms of light levels, soil nutrients etc.. If you’re having trouble with perennial grasses then try moving