When Is The Best Time To Cut Hair For Growth


I have been trying to grow my hair out for about 6 months now. I am currently in the process of cutting it all off right now, but by the end of summer, my goal is to still be able to pull back into a ponytail with some length. My only issue is that when I look in the mirror at this point in time, it doesn’t seem like my hair is growing very fast. The last time I cut it really short was 2-3 months ago and even though my stylist said she didn’t see much length growth since then (before she started cutting), i can tell that there has been at least an inch or so growth between each trim every few weeks! Is there something wrong with me? Will it continue on its own without any help or should i just not bother? Does anyone else think they are doing fine yet feel like their hair isn’t growing after 6 months?