When Is The Best Time To Cut Grass

on a mower?

When grass is growing, mowing can damage the natural photosynthetic activity of the plant. Mowing also damages roots and eventually can lead to increased weediness or even reduced turf quality.

The best time to cut grass on a lawnmower is between March 1st and June 14th. The first spring cutting should be done when there are no visible dead patches in your lawn. Don’t wait until you see large bare spots before you start mowing! If you live in an area where it gets hot during the summer months, then delay starting your mowing until at least mid-June so that the grass will have had enough time to grow back after being dormant for several months during winter! Don’t use petrol-powered garden tractors (or anything else powered by petrol) for your autumn/winter leaf collection due to fumes from exhausts which may contain harmful chemicals including formaldehyde derived from paraffin wax used as fuel additive with petroleum products such as gas, kerosene etc., benzene…etc.. These chemicals react with moisture in air causing them to break down into very toxic substances (harmful vapours). A few minutes exposure could make you sick; some people develop headaches within hours; others develop ulcers; some die!! Avoid any risk of harm by using this machine only for its intended purpose: collecting leaves!!! Do not attempt leaf collection under any circumstances if you don’t know what’s involved! Leaf collection machines are dangerous