When Is The Best Time To Cut Back Roses

, and how much should I cut back daily, weekly or monthly?” Are you wondering when to prune your roses? You can skip the guessing and follow our guidelines below.

When Should Roses Be Cut Back?

Short answer: Not until the flowers begin to fade. Long-term rose growers say that it’s best not to cut back before June 1st, as this is when the buds will open and flower well next year. However, many gardeners report that they do OK because their bushes are just now flowering after a long dormancy period (cold winter temperatures). For those who want to shorten their growing season by two months or more, we recommend cutting back earlier than June 1st as soon as any new growth appears on your bush in mid-April — which could be very early! That way you’ll have less time spent waiting for plants that aren’t quite ready yet for summer bloom. And avoid cutting off the top of each stem at ground level – what’s left might actually grow shoots from belowground! If you’re concerned about positive results with your fall cutting back, consider starting some plants indoors or taking advantage of spring plant sales at local nurseries where they often offer discounted plants grown under lights rather than outdoors during winter months.