When Is The Best Time To Cut Back Hydrangea Plants

for winter?

Hydrangea’s are a hardy and beautiful ornamental plant that can withstand the elements and provide year round interest. However, like all plants they need some attention throughout the season to keep them alive. Hydrangeas do best in full sun or partial shade but will tolerate some shade as long as it is filtered through leaves of other plants. On cloudy days their foliage may appear dull and dry but this is not an indication of poor health; rather, it merely needs more water during this time of year when temperatures tend to be cooler than average for most regions across the country. Fall hydrangeas should be pruned back after flowering if left unpruned they will turn yellow over winter and look unattractive until new growth starts again in spring. If you have several varieties growing together on one trellis, choose a variety with stiffer stems so that branches won’t break under your feet while climbing up to remove dead flowers or spent blooms from bloom spikes at peak bloom time (usually late summer).

How often should I water my hydrangea?

Most people don’t realize how large trees absorb rainfall during normal weather conditions because their trunks are hidden by leaf cover overhanging sidewalks, driveways etc… When choosing a pot for your hydrangea make sure there is enough room around the bottom of the pot for root development even when watered regularly in hot weather without getting too much soil wet around root balls in case temperatures drop suddenly