When Is The Best Time To Cut Back Bushes


You should make the cut when there is no snow on the ground. If you wait until after snow has fallen, then your grass will not be able to grow back as fast because it must compete for nutrients with existing plants that are already established in that area. It may take several years before you see any change in how your lawn looks now so don’t worry too much about having to wait a couple of years for things to look better. Making this investment in time and energy is worth it when you finally see what an improvement doing maintenance can do for your yard!

Where does one go to get landscape advice? Good question! There are many sources of information. Here’s my top three: 1) Local nurseries – ask them which areas they think need attention, 2) The internet – it’s filled with great sites like mine but also local websites that would provide more accurate feedback than just looking at pictures online or even buying products from companies who advertise their services here; 3) Landscapers/garden centers – if these professionals have worked with similar clients in the past (which depends on where you live), they’ll probably understand exactly what needs doing and know how long it will take based upon previous experience (i.e., if they’ve done 50 lawnmowers before). I’d suggest finding someone who works locally though since most landscape designers work all over the country period, period! For example, Fred Meyer stores nationwide refer customers looking for advice about