When Is The Best Time To Concieve


Laparoscopy is a procedure that removes the uterus and, when performed under general anesthesia, allows doctors to see into the female reproductive system. The procedure usually requires two or more procedures over several weeks in order to remove all of the uterine lining and abdominal organs. Doctors may use numbing medication before each procedure so that patients can fully rest during their recovery period. Anesthesia typically lasts for 30-60 minutes per surgery and occurs at least twice daily throughout your pregnancy. Patients must refrain from strenuous exercise while recovering from these surgeries; however, they may resume moderate activity one week after each surgery (preferably on an empty stomach). Most women continue to take pain medications such as ibuprofen until delivery day if needed; however, some physicians recommend discontinuing this type of medication approximately six weeks prior to delivery unless otherwise directed by your OB/GYN.