When Is The Best Time To Conceive


The best time of the month to conceive is when you are ovulating, which occurs when your body releases an egg from its ovary with each menstrual cycle. The most fertile day in a woman’s menstrual cycle is her last day. In fact, if she has sex on that day and takes no other precautions, she will become pregnant with 76% probability (meaning about 24 out of 25 times). If she fails to conceive within 30 days after this period, then it’s unlikely that conception occurred at all.

So you’re saying I should have sex whenever I can? How often?

Not necessarily! It depends on how long you’ve been trying for a baby and what type of sexual activity makes sense for your health and lifestyle goals. For example: A woman who wants to get pregnant quickly may want to try intercourse every other night until she becomes pregnant or for three weeks — whichever comes first. She could also choose abstinence during these periods so as not to affect her chances or be more selective about the timing if desired by the couple involved even though this would increase their odds because they would have fewer options per week but they wouldn’t decrease them per year since they’d only have one chance each week vs two each month over a period lasting five months before becoming infertile again without treatment.

Should we use contraception while attempting conception? What should we do then exactly? Should we “treat” ourselves like men do when trying to impregnate women?