When Is The Best Time To Check Your Ketones


The best time to check your ketones is first thing in the morning after you wake up. For most people, checking ketones at this time will give an accurate reading of your blood’s level of ketone bodies. You can also do them later on if you feel like it will be more convenient for you. Regardless, first thing in the morning seems to be when most people are getting their first reading and it is how I personally prefer to do my testing (I know some prefer mid-day or evening). It takes about 30 minutes for the urine sample to clear out fully so make sure not to overdo things by waiting too long before doing these tests! Ketostix are available online here: https://www.ketoradar.co/shop/keto-radar-ultraquick-blood-test/en_gb/. I highly recommend using this kind as they work much better than other types that come with a stick attached – just follow the instructions carefully and put one drop into each nostril then wait 10 seconds before touching the stick onto its tip until it changes colour – once done hold onto it slightly longer still until all four have changed colour – if there is no change within 15 seconds reinsert again but only touch one side of each ‘stick’ until all 4 sides have turned from blue back to pink 5 times, write down what colours they were changing from side 1 through 4 then repeat with opposite nostril 3 times giving