When Is The Best Time To Check For Flights


Airline reservations open one month prior to the actual departure date. If you have a flexible schedule, it is recommended that you check for flights as early as possible because airlines will often sell out seats due to higher demand. In general, booking at least two months ahead of your desired departure date is ideal. Airlines sometimes release last minute offers and promotions so it’s always best to check with them directly – they may be worth trying if you’re interested in a particular flight!

How does seat selection work?

Seat selection works by first selecting your origin and destination locations from within the search results page on their website before making a payment for each seat selected. Then choose which flights you would like tickets for from those options presented, proceed through the checkout process and make an online payment using major credit cards or PayPal (if not available). Selecting different dates will automatically adjust your prices accordingly.

What happens after I’ve made my initial purchase? Can I change anything? How do I cancel/refund my order? Will there be any fees associated with cancelling/refunding my order?