When Is The Best Time To Check Blood Sugar


When you are awake. A blood sugar reading taken during the night may be lower. It is best to take a daytime reading, which should fall within the range of 70-180 mg/dl (3.9–10 mmol/l).

And how much do I have to inject for my insulin pump’s needle to go into my skin without hurting me? Is there any way I can control that pain?

You must jab hard enough to penetrate your skin sufficiently so that an accurate blood glucose result can be obtained, but not so hard that it causes pain or bruising. If you experience severe itching at injection sites, consider using a different syringe and pen with sharp tips rather than the one provided with your insulin pump. Using Dermabond® or similar medical adhesive products better helps prevent injury because these tapes adhere well once they come in contact with skin and tend not to push through during insertion of needles inserted under them—as would happen if you were using standard tapered needles instead of blunt ones used by diabetics who need frequent injections due their very high insulin needs; also see “Misusing Insulin Pumps: What You Need To Know About The Diabetes Device That Can Be So Dangerous To Your Health!” on page 54 here: http://www.diabetes-for-women.com/misusing_insulin_pumps_what_you_need_to _know_.htm .

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