When Is The Best Time To Check Blood Glucose Levels


A: You should check your blood glucose levels before going to bed for the first time after a period of fasting.

Q: What else do I need to know about checking my blood glucose?

A: Check your blood sugar more often if you have diabetes or are at risk for developing it, such as people with a family history of diabetes or those who are inactive and overweight. The more often you check, the easier it is to catch problems early and prevent complications from developing. People with type 1 diabetes may want to test their blood sugar only every 2-3 days until they learn how much insulin their body requires on a daily basis without testing too frequently. For this reason, most diabetics will not be able to test their own blood sugars as often as non-diabetics can because they’ll likely forget some times throughout the day when they didn’t take insulin beforehand. So what can we do? A simple solution is using an automatic drop system that takes readings from an inserted vial once per hour so instead of missing doses because you forgot one time in awhile during the day, there won’t be any missed doses at all!

Q: Can I make my self checks easier by carrying different types of lancets (needles) around with me depending on where it would be best to use them?

A: Yes! It really does help tremendously! Having several lancets makes taking care of yourself