When Is The Best Time To Charge Your Iphone


The iPhone comes with two batteries, one inside for everyday use and the other in your pocket. The longer you leave it on charge the more power is drained from that battery (unless you are using very little or no apps). I would recommend charging it only every 2-3 days. If you need to take a short trip around town, always make sure your phone has enough power to last at least 1 day without needing recharging. That way if there is an emergency, like someone coming over unexpectedly (to do laundry maybe), all you’ll have to do is plug it into an outlet and wait till the battery charges up again then go ahead and unplug when finished!

How long does it take?

Usually about 3 hours but can be as fast as 20 minutes depending on what device/model of phone etcetera…it even varies by country so this may vary slightly too depending on where in Canada you are….but generally speaking here, our average times are around 15 minutes per hour for iPhone 5S & 6 Plus being charged via USB Lightening or 30 minutes per hour for older models.