When Is The Best Time To Change Your Profile Picture


It’s a question that has been asked about a zillion times. I hear it all the time, and yet no one seems to have an answer for me. At first glance, this makes sense: profile pictures are supposed to be fun. If you’re looking at them on your phone while waiting in line at the DMV or walking down the street, then they’re probably not supposed to be serious (this is how my Instagram feed looks). But if you set up your account with some purpose in mind—like networking with other professionals or seeking new customers—then there should be more of an urgency involved when changing your picture.

But what does “urgency” even mean? It’s hard to say because everyone defines it differently. Some people change their pictures immediately after reading something online that inspires them; others wait until just before traveling somewhere where they’ll get recognized by lots of strangers; still others only do so when someone else changes theirs on social media, which serves as motivation for them too! There’s really no right answer here except maybe try different things out and see what works best for you. That doesn’t help anyone though so I thought we’d take another look at how users are spending their time on Twitter…and whether they spend enough of it placing importance on their social profiles’ profile pictures!