When Is The Best Time To Carve A Turkey


A: Most experts agree that you should plan on carving a turkey the day after Thanksgiving. If the bird is to be consumed right away, then carve it as soon as possible following roasting; otherwise, leave it in the refrigerator until you’re ready to cook.

Q: How do I know if my turkey has been stored properly?

A: To learn how best to store your holiday bird and ensure its longevity and quality, visit our “How-to Store Your Turkey” page at www.baconwrappedfoolscornelius.com/howtostoreyourturkey/.

Q: What’s wrong with freezing my turkey? Will it make it taste better? And what about keeping leftover meat for another meal or two? Can’t I just throw the leftovers into a freezer bag and toss them into the fridge when we need them again? Isn’t this safe? Or will something bad happen if I freeze all of those extra giblets and other bits from inside my bird so close together without separating them out first or doing anything else special before putting everything back under wraps for later use (as long as they don’t stick together)? Isn’t there some way to keep things separate so they don’t come apart during thawing time — like by placing each piece in a separate plastic baggie before adding all of these bags together into one big plastic bin within which all of these various bits can be safely put back under wraps while