When Is The Best Time To Carp Fish

and how do I find good carp fishing spots?

What is the best way to keep a carp alive and healthy after catching it? Will my fish die if I don’t feed it quickly enough, or will feeding it make the carp live longer; how long should you wait before throwing your catch back into the river? What can be done to prevent disease in a fish that has been caught and immediately thrown back into its natural environment – what can we do to help our cichlids survive captivity? These are just some of the questions we hope this book will answer. The methods used by many anglers (using food as bait) and other ways of catching these beautiful creatures may seem simple but they certainly aren’t easy: there are no shortcuts. You cannot buy answers for these problems at an Angling Supplies shop; only knowledge gained through real experience with thousands of hours spent on rivers throughout Africa, Europe and America can provide answers like these. Understanding which techniques work best with your chosen species is vital in order for you not only to enjoy successful trips but also for you to maintain them too! This book contains everything required in order for you to know exactly where each type of cichlid lives throughout Africa, Europe (especially France), North America (especially Canada) and Central/South America. It explains why certain types of water attract different species while others attract very few common species at all. Knowing when they occur in different regions is important because sometimes two areas