When Is The Best Time To Buy Stock During The Day

.” The answer is, “It depends.” Many investors are at their most aggressive during the first half of the trading day, so if you find an opportunity to buy stock before that time, do it! However, you should not be afraid to buy later in the day because there may be a lot of information about company news or earnings that will come out after 3:30 p.m., which could affect both stocks and commodities.

On our website, we have created a convenient tool for intraday traders called myStockCharts (www.mystockchartsllc.com). It allows me to search by symbol or ticker using any downdrafts or rallies I see on my screen at my current location over the course of one minute into the future—that is, 5 minutes into tomorrow’s trading session or 1 hour into tomorrow’s session on some days but not others . . . depending upon what happens with other markets around me as well as new information coming out of companies and government agencies throughout each day. For example, let us say I am interested in Intel Corporation (INTC), which has been up more than 80 percent this year compared to Google Inc.-traded GOOGLY) down 46 percent through August 24th 2012. If INTC goes down five cents today at 9:05 AM ET when its price peaks above $24 per share relative to GOOGLY prices below $14 per share