When Is The Best Time To Buy Skis

or snowboards?

If you are planning to buy skis or snowboards, then the best time to do that is between late September and early February. The prices of ski equipment during this period go up but it is still better than buying them in March–April, when they are almost sold out at all ski shops.

Very few winter sports shops sell their equipment before December 1st which was one reason why I waited so long to buy my first pair of skis! Another good thing about buying your gear in the second half of October-2nd week of November is that most companies run promotions on their products. For example, last year I got a super discount for my new set of boots/skis by ordering them right after Christmas (because Ski Haus has an annual promotion). So if you plan ahead and order what you want before Christmas—you can receive even bigger discounts than usual. And don’t forget about Stollenbauer coupons! They usually have Stollenbauer specials throughout the season on everything from apparel to footwear—even on clothing for kids!