When Is The Best Time To Buy Lumber


There are several ways to determine when you should buy lumber. There is no one simple answer that suits every situation, so the best advice we can give is to use common sense and experience. When buying timber for construction projects, many factors come into play: Where will you be installing the building? (Will there be a lot of moisture in your area?) How much do you need? (How big of a project?) What kind of wood would look good with your design ideas? A few examples: If it’s going on an outside deck or patio, choose cedar; if it’s going indoors (basement), choose fir; if it’s for a greenhouse or sunroom, select Douglas Fir; if it’s for storage shelving, then oak might work well. Typically our customers decide what type they want based upon their general aesthetic preference(although we highly recommend that all new homeowners ask us first). Most people prefer soft woods such as pine and cedar which have beautiful grain patterns and colors but tend not to last as long as some hardwoods such as maple and ash due mainly to weathering/deterioration from rainbows. Cedar has more natural oils than other species including pine which makes its wood resistant against insect infestation such as termites and roaches making this material less costly than most others. Softwoods usually cost between $3-$5 per square foot while hardwoods can range from $7-$20 per square