When Is The Best Time To Buy Dishwashers

When you get a new dishwasher, make sure it has the CSA (Canadian Standards Association) rating. This means that it will be up to Canadian standards and won’t break down in 1-2 years like many of the cheaper models do. The best time to buy a new dishwasher is when your old one breaks and you need to replace it with something equally reliable and cost effective. While this may not always be an option if you are planning on moving into your ideal home for quite some time, buying a used model is still better than paying several hundred dollars more for an inferior product that will have problems within just 6 months or less. Make sure the manufacturer has been quality certified by either Intertek or BSI over at least two different production runs so they can guarantee their products are 100% free from defects.

What kind of warranty should I look for in my dishwashers?

While most manufacturers offer 3/5 year warranties on their machines, this does NOT mean they stand behind them! Many companies only give out 30 days parts & labour warranty which makes me wonder how long these companies think they can sell faulty goods before replacing them with superior ones? Just because there isn’t an express written warranty doesn’t mean that there isn’t any recourse available against defective machines under either provincial or federal laws! You don’t want to find yourself stuck dealing with useless repairmen who don’t even speak English nor