When Is The Best Time To Buy A Sports Car


The first thing you need to do is figure out what type of vehicle you want. Is it a sports car? A luxury car? An economy car? If the answer is “it depends”, then here are some tips:

If money is no object and fuel efficiency isn’t a concern, go for a high-end sports car. These vehicles have higher performance than most other cars on the road today, but they’re also more expensive.

To maximize your gas mileage, buy an entry-level or mid-range model that gets between 25 and 40 miles per gallon (MPG). This way you can still enjoy the excitement of driving at high speeds without stressing about buying gas every few days. Check with your local gas station to see which models get the best mileage; however, make sure this information does not apply if you live in one of these areas: Arizona (except Tucson), California (inland only), Florida (inland only), Hawaii, Idaho (outside Boise city limits) Montana until July 1st 2010 , Nevada except Las Vegas area including Reno – Lake Tahoe ), New Mexico NM outside Albuquerque , North Dakota through June 30th 2011 ), Oregon Outside Portland Area excluding Eugene/Springfield ) Utah until July 1st 2010 Vermont ). Washington State excluding Vancouver , Wisconsin Until January 31st 2008 Wyoming ).