When Is The Best Time To Breed A Dog In Heat


Visible signs of heat, or estrus as it is known in dogs, occur twice a year. In spring and autumn the female dog goes into heat for five to seven days once a year. For most female breeds, this can be on any day of the month from February to October with some breeders having more predictable cycles than others. We have found that it’s best not to interfere with their natural cycle since breeding should only take place when they are in heat and will conceive after being bred on those particular days during that time of the month. This means that even if your male dog doesn’t show interest in his mate, don’t automatically assume he is not interested! It may just be that she isn’t ready yet!

Why do my male dogs stay well away from females? They’re obviously attracted by them but won’t come near unless I grab them first!

There are many reasons why your male dog might behave like this towards your female dog; perhaps he thinks she smells terrible or maybe you’ve introduced him too early so now he has no idea what’s going on around here anyway… We find there are different reasons why each individual ‘dog’ behaves differently. Some males can smell her pheromones (the chemicals her body produces which send out signals telling other members of its species who she belongs with) easily while others cannot smell anything at all (and often end up sniffing everything else!). If you really want to know why something happens then