When Is The Best Time To Break Up

a marriage?

You can learn a lot from the way you treat your friends. You don’t have to be good friends with everyone all of the time, but if you are so bad at being nice to your family and close friends that they start avoiding you because they know they aren’t welcome, it will be hard for them to help you when things really get tough. “Good communication is like salt; without it you cannot taste anything, or enjoy anything in life. It enhances everything around it!” – Julia Child “The purpose of communication is not only to exchange information but also to build trust between people.” – Marshall Rosenberg

If someone was trying their best behind closed doors (counseling) and I still felt betrayed by them (unwelcome), what would I do? Talk about setting some boundaries! They need to make sure they are doing what needs done before expecting me not feel frustrated afterward. If this doesn’t change my behavior on how I act toward others then give up on me already! Make sure there is no doubt within yourself that this person isn’t worth continuing on with. This goes double for anyone who has ever said something negative against another person just because of where he/she comes from…how ridiculous!! That’s one thing we’re taught as children growing up: Don’t say something bad about someone else unless YOU think it’s true 🙂 Or more importantly than that…don’t spread lies!! A lie