When Is The Best Time To Be Tested For Hiv?

there are two types of hiv diagnosis. 1. You can get tested when you’ve been exposed to the virus through an infected person (and there is no cure for hiv), or 2. you can be given a blood test and your results will indicate whether or not you have the virus (and there is no cure for hiv). If it’s ever indicated that I am at risk, I would go ahead and try to avoid situations where I might contract the disease — if possible — until my results come back negative. If unable to do so, then hopefully by this time next year we will know more about what steps need to be taken and how best we should proceed with our health care system in order to prevent others from contracting HAND/HIV as well as educating those around us who don’t yet realize they may be at risk of contracting HIV due their lifestyle choices such as sharing needles or engaging in unsafe sex practices which could potentially put them into contact with other cases of HAND/HIV . We all start somewhere! It wasn’t easy for me either but once my findings came back positive, everything fell into place and things changed dramatically within both my personal life & professional life — including an increase in productivity!!! Now whenever someone asks me “When was u first diagnosed?” My response: “I’ve had HIV since 2004”