When Is The Best Time To Ask For A Raise


In the same vein as “When is the best time to ask for a raise?,” there are many questions that can be asked about asking for a raise. In this post, we will answer 16 of those questions and provide you with concrete examples on how to approach your boss or human resources department. These tips come from our experience at Lighter Capital, where we have helped hundreds of people get promoted and/or negotiate raises in their companies. We also love reading reddit threads because they often reveal some great insights! Here are 16 things you should know when it comes to negotiating:

1) Know what you want – Ask yourself if your current job position requires lots of travel or commuting? If so, pick up an extra shift every now and then instead of asking for a pay raise during such times (since money might not always be available). Also consider if your work entails any unusual demands–such as working odd hours just before closing time or starting early in the morning–and look into whether these requirements contribute positively towards your work performance and success within the company. For example: Which role do I play within my team? Do I need to interact with customers daily? What kind of skills does my manager expect me to possess? Determine why certain roles require specific experiences; this knowledge will help build solid arguments later on whether it’s time for an annual review or something bigger like requesting a promotion (more details below). 2) Be straightforward – Don