When Is The Best Time To Apply Weed Killer

to lawns and gardens?

Weed Killer: How do you know when to apply it if there is no visible weed problem? Weed killers are applied as a pre emergent herbicide. That means they will kill any weeds that come up before the grass. However, we still recommend removing any weeds along sidewalks and driveways as well as at the entrance of your yard so these areas will not be affected by the herbicide. If you have an established weed problem or want to prevent one from developing, then we suggest using an insecticidal soap followed by a post emergence fungicide such as copper sulfate (Ken-Flo Copper). These products work together to eliminate many different types of broadleaf and hardy annual weeds like henbit, dandelion and field bindweed for several weeks after application. They can also be used alone on perennial broadleaves like bluegrass sunflowers but should be used only once each year (unless you want continuous control) . For more information about treating specific types of weeds see our Weed Control Guide http://www.growingforgoodhealthandbusinessesciencefairproject.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/Celadon_Control_Guide_v5_(August2012).pdf