When Is The Best Time To Apply Pre Emergent

herbicides in the spring and fall?

Preemergent herbicide activity is increased when temperatures are above 60°F. Although herbicide activity can be controlled at temperatures as low as freezing, it will usually decrease with increasing temperature. There is no significant difference in post-emergent weed control between herbicides applied at different stages of the plant growth cycle. If you have specific concerns about a particular area or crop, consult your local cooperative extension specialist for recommendations on site evaluation.

Do I need to apply pre emergent herbicide if my soil has clayey/silty texture?

No! Pre-emergence Herbicides labeled for use on clay soils should not require any special preparation prior to application. In general, pre-emergents labeled for use on sandy soils should be mixed into a small amount of water before applying them directly from the container to the soil surface which may cause smudging (cloudiness).

I noticed that some commercial products say “broadleaf” vs “grass” weeds while others don’t specify so which ones do you recommend? What’s best practice there – what product(s) do you recommend based off this information alone? Any thoughts/suggestions welcome! Thanks!