When Is The Best Time To Apply For Summer Internships


The best time to apply for summer internships is when you have been accepted into the university. The sooner you start submitting applications, the more likely it is that one of your choices will give a position to a candidate who has not yet been selected by another program after the deadline. To be considered for an internship, please submit your application by April 15th in most cases. We strongly recommend applying at least six months prior to graduation date so we have ample time to complete all the forms and background checks before commencement.

How do I get my resume on campus? Is there an online service? What kind of stuff should I include on my resume? Does it need to go through multiple people before being put into action or can they just read it directly off of my website? Can I print out copies and bring them with me during orientation week if needed (I am new)? How much does this cost and how long does everything take once i send in all information via email/online form.. etc.? Do they also provide free services while attending school such as printing pictures from facebook or other social networking sites like Myspace ect.?