When Is The Best Time To Aerate Your Yard

? The best time to aerate your yard is in the spring when things start growing. In the fall, you should probably wait until after a frost before aerating to increase your chances of getting seeds germinated.

How do I make my own compost? Composting isn’t hard at all! All it takes is some food waste and a little elbow grease, and you can have a beautiful pile of rich soil in no time. Even better, it will be free for you! After using up scraps from dinner or trimming back plants that are taking over an area of your garden, collect them into buckets or large plastic bags so they don’t get mixed with other debris later on. Take these materials directly to the compost pile if possible; otherwise put them aside for use in another project such as mulching around trees or shrubs. Keep adding new organic material every few weeks—it may take several months before your pile reaches the right level—and then you’ll have a great supply of top-quality compost for next year’s flowers and veggies!

Step 2: Soil Test

To determine what type of soil conditioner is required, perform a soil test by following this simple procedure:

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