When Is The Best Time To Aerate And Overseed


On average, it is not recommended to aerate lawns during the winter months. However, if you are concerned your lawn may be struggling due to a lack of water or acidic soil conditions, there are different ways you can aerate your lawn at this time. One way would be to apply an organic fertilizer with high nitrogen content before mowing in order to correct any deficiencies in the soil. Another option would be using a hand tiller or rotary tiller just after mowing for deep-down decomposition and cutting residue removal.

Q: How do I prepare my soil for overseeding?

Before beginning any kind of landscaping project, it’s best practice to first test the pH level of your existing soils (with an accurate meter) and see what results come back from that reading. If either number is low (below 6), then make sure you purchase enough topsoil/good garden compost/peat moss/leaves etc., based on recommendations by local experts; adding these materials will help establish balanced root systems which will allow both grasses and weeds alike thrive over time (and more naturally). When selecting plants for planting into new areas – whether they’re turfgrass species or ornamentals – consider their needs when deciding how much of each type of material is needed; some ornamental groundcovers need less than others as far as amount purchased goes depending on plant size so ask around locally about what types ingredients works best for them all