When Is The Best Time Of Year To Visit Ireland And Scotland

when is the best time of year to visit ireland and scotland

Ireland & Scotland are two countries that offer some fantastic scenery, history and culture. A great way to see them both in one trip is via their shared border with England. It’s a great chance for you to get on both sides of the border at once without having any extra travel costs or hassles. There are many options for crossing into Ireland from the UK, including ferry services which will take you between Belfast in Northern Ireland and Dublin in southern Ireland – this route gives you an excellent choice of sights along the way including Derry~Londonderry (aka “Derry” within Ulster), Kilkenny city, Waterford city as well as numerous beaches such as those found around Wicklow Town or Eastport. For those looking for less crowds though there is also a bus service which takes approximately 4 hours running every hour during peak times each day costing just £10 per person but this can be delayed at busy periods so don’t book it by phone unless someone else has already booked it if possible! You can check timetables here: www.irishbusinfo/timetables_sept2015.asp