When Is The Best Time Of The Day To Buy Stocks


You can buy stocks during the day or at night. The time of day you should consider buying a stock depends on your goals and financial situation. If you’re looking to get in and out quickly, then it might be best to do so after the market closes so no one will see your purchase. You also may not want other people to know that you’ve purchased shares of a particular company, especially if it’s an IPO (initial public offering). This is because companies tend to go up dramatically after their initial public offerings such as when Apple went from $28 per share in 1980 to over $700 per share within two years—a gain of 1350%. That means even though you didn’t pay much for those shares, they could turn out extraordinarily wealthy by investing wisely over the long haul. But if this is something that really interests you (or if it concerns financial issues), then there are plenty of ways online where people openly post what they own and how much money each individual has made off their investments. Just remember that anyone who posts these types of comments should always look at them very carefully before deciding whether or not such information is true!


What kind of list would I have? What does “some sort” mean?

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