When Is The Best Time Of Day To Take Lexapro


Lexapro dosage for anxiety can be taken at any time of day. It will take effect more quickly if you are drowsy or tired, or after a night of sleep. If you have trouble sleeping, try taking it late in the afternoon (about 4 p.m.). Try not to eat too close to bedtime; avoid alcohol and caffeinated beverages; and skip meals before bedtime. Avoid using this medication with MAO inhibitors (Phenergan®) within 14 days prior to starting Lexapro or within 14 days after stopping it . Do not stop taking this medication without first talking with your doctor.

How long does lexapro stay in my system?

Lexapro is metabolized by the liver via CYP450 3A4 into desmethylclomipramine, which is then excreted primarily as metabolites into bile and uric acid urine. The plasma half-life of desmethylclomipramine averages just under 2 hours but may vary considerably among individuals due chiefly to differences in metabolism rates among different individuals as well as genetic polymorphisms affecting drug metabolism.. Therefore, some people may require only one dose per day while others may need two or three doses per day depending on individual sensitivity/resistance characteristics.. Desmethylclomipramine has been detected quite widely throughout the body following oral administration up to 5 days following dosing

What else should I know about taking Lexapro?