When Is The Best Time Of Day To Hunt Coyotes


When coyotes are most active. The best time to hunt coyotes is early morning or late evening, after sundown. Coyotes are less active at midday because of the heat and they tend to eat more during this time of day than in the evening or early morning hours. Many hunters use a blind during daylight hours for some degree of camouflage since it is legal to hunt with a firearm on public land without obtaining a special permit from OSWDC (Outdoor Sportsman’s & Wildlife Conservation) . This technique works well if you can find enough cover that allows you to remain concealed all day without raising suspicion. It doesn’t work as well if your hunting area has open terrain like an old farm field where visibility is limited by tall grasses and weeds, but even then using one of these techniques will help protect your identity when not actively hunting!

What does coyote poop look like? How do I tell if it came from my neighbor’s dog? Should I be worried about rabies coming into contact with me through their feces? If I am bit should I go immediately see my doctor or wait until 3 days later? What would kill them first – disease or poison ? Do they only attack people who come upon them while asleep in their beds at night looking like sheep hampers waiting for slaughter ? And how many people have been bitten by them over the years before there was any sort of research done on their behavior patterns and habits? These questions may never be answered