When Is The Best Time Of Day To Fertilize Your Lawn

. Is it in the morning when you do your regular watering or is it in the evening before bed? Or should you fertilize once a week in between. No matter what time of day, make sure you are giving your lawn enough nutrients to grow.

How often do I fertilize my lawn?

The amount of fertilizer that goes into your landscape depends on how much light and moisture your yard gets throughout the year. This can vary depending on many factors such as season, location, type of soil used for planting, etc.. Keep an eye out during springtime because grass needs more nitrogen than most other plants so this might be a good time to apply some fertilizer where ever there is bare dirt or browning grass tips. Then again if winter comes early then don’t worry about getting too much nitrogen in late fall when all leaves have fallen off trees and shrubs which will give little sun exposure to the lawn leaving less available nutrients for growth. You can always put down some mulch at this point but don’t overdo it! Mulching makes beautiful earthy colored landscapes but also prevents water from reaching roots allowing them to rot instead of being used by plant life (which doesn’t help with top soil).